Hon. Dr. John Collin McIntyre

Minister for Planning, Economic Development & Investment

Hon. Dr. John Collin McIntyre

Hon. Dr. John Collin McIntyre: Minister for Planning, Economic Development & Investment


elcome to the Commonwealth of Dominica, the emerging investment location in the Caribbean. We welcome your interest in the varied investment opportunities in the areas of tourism accommodation, construction of tourist attractions; light manufacturing, information and communications technology, agri-business, and international financial services.

As we continue efforts to develop our beautiful and tranquil island, we invite you to embrace this new period of opportunity and growth. Over the past few years Dominica has undertaken a massive programme that will help us transform our economic and social landscape. More specifically, we have invested in enhancing the level and skills of human capital, undertaken major reforms of the legislative and institutional frameworks that will facilitate new growth areas, developed the physical infrastructure including roads and air and sea port, and have forged important partnerships with a wide range of institutions and private sector agencies and business entities, all of which will augur well to ensure the sustainability and profitability of your investment.

My government is fully committed to facilitating a renewed and vigorous process for doing business to ensure that the enabling environment for starting and operating your business is seamless and robust. Dominica is for everyone looking for a real opportunity. I invite you to invest in Dominica, and to be a part of this new period of economic growth and prosperity.