Dominica is Ready for Your Business now!

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Senior IDA Investment Officers

IDA & Diaspora Officers at Their Booth: Creole in the Park 2009

Before an investor decides whether or not to put his hard earned money into Dominica, he first asks his self this very important question. What are the deal breakers and does Dominica already have these policies and other factors in place? Is the Government willing to provide these in the short term or even long run, and can my business survive without them.

Right Investment Climate (Necessary fiscal and technical support) – A wide variety of fiscal incentives, and free facilitation services are available at the Invest Dominica Authority. Question is – how do we get the investors to come?

Air access to me is a big deal – can my colleagues and clients fly in today for a meeting and leave the same evening or will they have to overnight. Will their luggage and other necessities get on island with them or will it arrive days after, if at all. In fact, night landing is scheduled to begin here by the 2nd half of 2010; that should alleviate some of the problems faced by travelers to Dominica.

Safety – can I SAFELY tell people to come to Dominica?

We do not have the fancy hotels, or casinos or night life and many argue that we need things sooner. What we have going for us right now is that, the necessary measures have been put in place to provide the climate that investors want! You can have all of this in the most beautiful place on earth!

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