Employees The Most Import Asset in a Business

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Female Employee

Happy & Productive Employees - A Recipe for Success

I recently saw a television ad which made me stop and think and which I have not been able to get off my memory.  The tagline of the ad says “Every evening, your most important asset leaves the business and the challenge is to get them back into the business every morning”. If you were just walking by and that was all you heard, you probably would not have taken much notice.  This ad is being paid for by an international human resource organization.  The organization is built on people and support people who are the most important asset in every business.  For many business owners, managers and board directors all other aspects of business are of significant importance except the people who work there.  This way of thinking must be eradicated from our minds.

People have been and always will remain the most vital part of a business.  They determine whether the business regresses, grows or stays exactly where it is.  People are responsible for the operation, so the success of a business day will always be in their hands.  When customers complain of poor service, when an error is done in business communication, when accounting or IT mishaps occur, when deliveries fall short or products are not at their best the main reason for these shortcomings fall on a person or persons within the organization.  What is being done to ensure that people always give their best at work?  How are people being treated in the private and public sector?

Every business must be structured with at least one trained and qualified person or a department which takes care of staff.  A basic organization chart must be outlined showing lines of reporting.  Employee files must be kept with all records including job descriptions, updated contracts and communication regarding employees.  A training and development program must be structured.  Businesses must provide compensations which match the position and other incentive schemes must be in place to motivate staff and keep them happy on the job.  A healthy and safe work environment must be made available to all members of staff and persons responsible for human resource must be sensitive and considerate to issues which affect staff.  Management and directors must be capable of identifying persons for upward mobility and also to identify members of staff who are not contributing to the development of the business.  The labor laws of the country must be followed but every business must have their own in house manual on office procedures and a staff operational guide which supports the mission and vision of the company.

There are many areas that we can consider for building strong human resource and to avoid high staff turnover.  Let us all review our business structure by ensuring that we have great people on our team.

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  1. Invest Dominica Authority December 9, 2010 at 5:03 pm Reply

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  2. very very nice post. Thanks admin.

  3. marilyn casimir murray February 26, 2012 at 8:08 pm Reply

    thank you ,I miss D.A very much so just reading and brousing through what is going on help ease the heart , enjoy ………………….Marilyn


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