Is an Investor Necessarily a Businessman

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Grow Your investments

A Good Investment Grows With Good Business Skills

The definition of an investor is simple. To me, it is one who makes the decision to invest his money into some activity with the intention of making it successful and in the process providing jobs for people. The businessman on the other hand is the one with the knowhow and skills who makes the business successful and generate profit.

I believe there is a big difference between the two and sometimes problem occurs when the two are confused. It is hard to tell an investor to give his money to the businessman and he will generate money for you. This is especially hard in the Dominican context, where we go by the notion it is my money I want to manage my business. This is sometimes the primary reason that a potentially good business fails.

A good businessman is one who ensures that the business success, that the marketing strategy, right product and the right consumers are targeted. Their primary goal is to generate profit. This is not a bad thing, because with the profit they can reinvest and also undertake social activities as a corporate citizen.

Don’t get me wrong there are indeed investors who also are businessmen, and when we get that mix we see a successful business venture with various different branches and subsidiaries.

We need in Dominica to start to get our investors to adopt the mindset of a businessman or at least to trust their finances to a businessman to generate interest and wealth for them and ultimately the country.

7 Responses to Is an Investor Necessarily a Businessman
  1. Your statements are entirely true in that there are a number of potential investors who are not business minded and who would prefer not allow a business individual to use their capital in a potentially lucrative business that if those particular individuals would take a different approach in allowing the business individuals to take charge then we could all be successful or at least have a better economy.

  2. I found the article interesting, but it also left me with many questions. What can be done to improve the investors business? How or is there a program that can help them to acquire some business men mindsets? How can Dominicans succeed and help the economy, themselves, and their community. Let’s remember the environment too.

    • Many thanks for these comments. They are issues which must be considered by investors before they actually start business. An investor must have a business plan and see how this plan fits into the overall economic plan of the country and the industry that they are considering. IDA does a quarterly orientation seminar for invetsors. Recently we began to compile list of various professionals whom investors can be referred to regarding business development and business services/consultancy. We are confident that these can assist some investors in being more business oriented. Nevertheless, an investor should ascertain from the beginning what role they fit best into: shareholder, management, financial, director and from that point move on to business.

      • What percentage of foreign investors vs the natural investor from Dominica? How many want and have proper training to operate and be successful businessman of their country? It nice to have some foreign in the local community but do they give back to the community they are established in? Do you promote the people of Dominica to establish businesses in their community/country? Are there programs/training (educational) to help them be successful?

        • The Central Statistics Office would be the source of information regarding figures on investing in Dominica, and what percentages are trained and educated. Our laws are extrememly clear on granting of concessions to both local and foreign investors and so are the services that are provided by IDA. IDA provides an orientation seminar quarterly to ensure investors are clear on how to proceed with business. There are institutions and professionals available to assist them in conducting business the right way and to provide support on various professional services as required.

  3. Investor Visa Network October 9, 2011 at 10:57 am Reply

    Interesting post and some very pointed observations here.

    Attracting investors, from a global pool, is the renewed focus for most economies – large or small. The United States has the EB5 program, targeted at Active investors. The Canadian programs are more passive in nature – investor contributes to a Government fund for a duration of 5 years.

    What Dominica is offering is a nice balance or rather the option to choose. With time and the right efforts, Dominica should see the growth and scale, your agency – IDA is working towards. At least we at the Investor Visa Network, will continue to offer and suggest the program to our clients.

    FDI generation is a tough and competitive arena – the best designed and the best marketed ones will continue to thrive (most likely at the expense of the others).

    • Many thanks IVN for sharing these comments with us. We do appreciate your feedback and ask that you continue reviewing our Blogs with comments. Also share with us on FAcebook and Twitter. Great Day to you!


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