Outsourcing Your Business Processes

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outsourcing your ICT

Give us Your Global Contracts

Managers and business owners are seeking new and innovative ways to save money, maximize productivity and minimize risks. Outsourcing is one method that is being used in today’s Global Business Environment to achieve these goals.

Outsourcing is defined as, “The process of contracting an existing business function or process of an organization to an independent organization, and ceasing to perform that function or process internally, instead purchasing it as a service.”

It has several advantages like allowing core activities to be focused on, cost and efficiency savings, operational control and reduced overhead to name a few. Outsourcing has become a major factor in business decisions. Despite the advantages, it can cause loss of managerial control, can come with hidden costs, pose threats to security and confidentiality as well as cause quality problems.

These are factors to consider when deciding whether or not to outsource. Because of Dominica’s high literacy rate of 95 %, proficient use of English language without a heavy accent, and its people’s willingness to learn makes us a perfect candidate for foreign companies looking to invest in offshore enterprises particularly in the Customer Service and ICT sectors.

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