IDA Independence Newsletter 2015

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screenshot-IDA2015My fellow Dominicans and visitors to the Nature Isle, I am especially delighted to address you on this our 37th anniversary of independence under the theme “Rebuilding Dominica Together”. More than ever, we ought to be thankful to be alive to witness another year of Independence.

Our experience with the passage of Tropical Storm Erika has taught us many lessons regarding our vulnerability to natural disasters and catastrophic risks and we are paying heed to nature. It has been echoed many times throughout our history that we Dominicans, are resilient people. I firmly believe this to be true.

Having said that, what has been achieved through our combined efforts in the past two months is nothing short of remarkable. Our visitor facilities and hotels are open; all of our vital services and utilities have been substantially restored and businesses are functioning normally again. Our Government is pleased to announce the recent ground breaking of the Cabrits Resort Kempinski Dominica, a 160 room resort being developed by Range Capital Partners Dominica Ltd. In addition, the Hilton Curio brand has signed to operate one and two villa suites in the Salisbury area to be developed by Sunset Inc. The imminent construction of these two hotel developments by 2016 will create much needed employment from the construction phase right through to operation.

It is important to spread the word that “Dominica is back in business”. It has been a remarkable recovery. As we celebrate this 37th anniversary, let us remember the many who have Lost Lives, homes and property and remainder of our grieving families while they continue to recover from the loss they have suffered. I urge you, that while we celebrate in the true Dominican spirit, Let us be mindful of our fellow Dominican brothers and sisters and seek to boost our positive spirit and renew our commitment in Rebuilding Dominica Together. I wish everyone at home and abroad a Happy Independence.

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