Up-Market Boutique Hotel – Does Dominica Need One?

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Up-Market Boutique Hotel

High End Quality Hotel With All the Quality 5 Star Trimmings

We do hear occasionally that we need additional hotel rooms in Dominica. From the point of view of hoteliers, many of them actually suffer from low occupancy rates. How do we balance the two? I believe the balance has to be driven by the quality and type of rooms and the level of hotel services which is offered in the hotel industry. One must be passionate about nature in order to adjust to the eco-type hotels.

Strangely enough a popular TV show host who recently visited the island and is quite seasoned to large upscale hotels was extremely comfortable at a small lounge in the heart of the Roseau Valley. The solution lies in catering to the vast number of other celebrities and TV stars and this is where an UP-MARKET BOUTIQUE HOTEL is needed in Dominica. Many of these persons travel with close friends, children etc and would need time to acquire a liking for the green globe certified lounge.

They must have a great gym, modern technology, a top of the line salon, grand suites and presidential suites, a few great duty free shops, a romantic spot to fall in love, propose or just tie the knot, plus easy access to points of interest to visit. While the scattered cottages in the trees can stimulate romance, put one to sleep and invigorate mind and soul, some of us do crave the other side of the coin which is provided in an UP-MARKET BOUTIQUE HOTEL. Dominica yearns one right now.

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