Caribbean & Central American Countries of the Future 2015/16

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caribbean-central_americaIt was a year of mixed results for global FDI in 2014. According to greenfield investment monitor fDi Markets, capital investment across the world increased by an estimated 1% from $642bn in 2013 to $649bn in 2014, while job creation rose by an impressive 17% to 1.84 million. However, FDI project numbers actually fell by 1% to 12,069. The Caribbean and Central America region experienced an even sharper decline, recording an 8.89% decrease in the number of FDI projects from 2013 to 2014.

Some countries in the region bucked this trend. Just over one-third of locations in the ranking recorded significant increases in the number of FDI projects they attracted.

Top trio

Costa Rica retained its position as the leading destination for FDI projects in fDi’s Caribbean & Central American Countries of the Future 2015/16 ranking, winning 29 in 2014, four more than Panama. Costa Rica’s stable political and economic structures play a large role in continuing to attract investors, particularly those involved in hi-tech manufacturing, as companies take advantage of the country’s well-educated workforce. [Download not found]In addition, the government is pursuing a policy of making Costa Rica “the Silicon Valley of Latin America”. Billion-dollar technology giants such as Acer and Microsoft are investing in the country, indicating that the policy is already paying off. Costa Rica has a free-trade agreement with its primary FDI source market, the US, which aided its ranking as the top destination in the Business Friendliness category.

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