Dominica’s Winning Places in FDI Magazine 2017/2018

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Pristine BeautyInvest Dominica Authority is pleased to announce that following a submission to FDI Magazine, (one of the main divisions of Financial Times in London) Dominica has secured two winning places in the Island Economies of the Future 2017/2018. Dominica has placed #6 for Cost Effectiveness and #8 for Human Capital and Lifestyle. These will both assist with building the image of our business climate to attract investors. Investors are seeking places where they can realize more cost savings (#6) but also locations with a ready work population, available and reliable health and education systems and a location which is considered safe with a stable Government (#8).

These ratings auger very well for our destination and helps in attracting FDI to our shores. They also represent some of the top reasons to invest in Dominica. The report also highlights Dominica as one of the islands with a good investment strategy highlighting what we have done recently to attract more FDI. Some of these are infrastructure and urban improvements and the launch of the IDA website in Chinese. IDA continues to pursue all avenues for more visibility of our location as a business destination. The Authority is proud of this recent accomplishment and is thankful to all members of staff who contributed to this success.

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