Need For Quality Services in Attracting Investments

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IDA proving Quality Services

IDA Constantly tries to excel in the Quality of Services it provides to Clients

As IDA seeks to increase significantly the inflows of investment into Dominica, we need to be mindful of the fact that the possession of an abundance of natural resources is not the primary determinant in generating successful inflow of investments into any country. Much has to do with the level, quality and reliability of attendant services, and a county’s ability to change and adapt in to a constantly changing world environment. In fact the development of a country’s natural resources can be thwarted because of uncertain and unreliable service delivery. In addition, the functioning and management of various institutions can create significant risk which can mitigate investment inflows.

For many of us here on island, we do experience in one way or another, the effects of poor quality services. Some persons believe it maybe a cultural or chronic local problem why some persons are unable to exceed customers’ expectations. These services flow from both private and public sector businesses and agencies and it is extremely important if not urgent to make drastic changes in service delivery towards all people working to develop this island. To this end it is important that we continue to make strides to improve and development the quality of our services and institutions.

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