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Car Park

Thinking out of the box for an investment idea? Well, Dominica is in dire need of a car park to service the growing number of vehicles that are plying our streets. Soon, we will look around and realize that there are more cars than people on the island.

Have you ever thought of investing in a Car Park? This may sound “out of the box”, but Dominica is really in need of such a facility right now. Have you ever tried to park along the streets of Roseau, and all you are graced with are signs that read: “Keep Clear, No Parking, Private Parking, Garage in use, Police Authorized no Parking” or parking spaces secured with sticks and blocks, or anything that would block off the area?  Moving any of these signs or parking for just a second, can result in your being fined by one of the many Police Officers who patrol the streets daily or getting into a feud with owners or would be owners.

Have you ever walked through the town and realized that vehicles often occupy the already narrow sidewalks that are supposed to be left for you, the pedestrian?  Walking through the city is as frustrating as finding a parking spot for one’s vehicle.

According to information obtained from the Inland Revenue Department, the number of vehicles registered in Dominica at this time is approximately 23,000, and every month the number is likely to increase by at least 50 new vehicles. Parking has become scarce commodity in the city of Roseau, and investing in a Parking facility is an excellent option for diversifying any commercial, real estate or general property investment portfolio”.

We do urge you to consider this new investment initiative.

One Response to Invest in a Parking Facility
  1. Yes, Dominica would significantly benefit from a parking garage. This is ironic since this particular topic is one I was initially looking into as per research for my Business Communication Class. Hopefully an investor will see the benefits and the people will demand it due to inevitable lack of parking and influx of more vehicles.


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