Investment and the Diaspora – “Overseas Residents”

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Returning Residents of Dominica

Meeting Held For Returning Residents of Dominica.

What do we want and what do we expect. It is often posited that the Diaspora is an untapped market with lots of potential for investment into the economy. We in Dominica look at India, Africa and closer to home. Jamaica has put in place a plan to attract these overseas residents, as they like to be referred to in the Dominica context. Dominica is following the path of putting things in place to attract the Returning Residents, not only for vacation and retirement, but to invest in private sector enterprises. The real question is: are these overseas residents prepared to invest in private sector enterprise, where the bottom line is either profit or loss. It would be interesting to see the result of a poll which asks the one specific question – “Are you as an overseas resident willing and able to invest in Dominica” The only answer we need is a simple YES or NO.

It is important to note that not all “Overseas Residents” are potential or serious investors. Therefore, we need to determine who are the serious investors, in what area they are willing to invest and then we need to strategize, as to how we can make this happen. An investor, whether “Overseas Resident” or not will be guided by the basic 101 of business – to maximize profits. Whilst it may be easier to persuade the “overseas resident” due to their emotional ties to consider Dominica as an investment, this by itself will not be sufficient for them to invest.

The Diaspora of India invests in India, not because of ethnic and emotional ties, but rather because India has a large domestic market where their goods and services can be sold. One may argue that it is because of the investment by the Diaspora that the market is growing. Fair argument, but let’s not rule out the FDI and India’s population which makes the cost of labour very inexpensive.

What therefore can Dominica build on? The opportunities in geothermal which will in the near future decrease the cost of producing electricity, a domestic market that includes CARICOM, skilled labour force and an environment which is ideal for the future green and sustainable investments.

Investing is a dedicated process, which requires time and effort. This is understandable, because if you are going to invest your monies, it is because you believe that you will make a profit. You have either of three options: return and see to your investment, stay in your country of residence and let your friend/family see to your investment, or purchase shares in an existing or potential business and share in the management and profit and loss of the business.
The first and third options may be the ones that can yield a better success rate. There are a number of investment options for Overseas Residents; the decision is yours.

9 Responses to Investment and the Diaspora – “Overseas Residents”
  1. Invest Dominica Authority February 15, 2011 at 2:09 pm Reply

    We are ready to work with members of the DIASPORA who have a strong interest in developing Dominica, creating jobs or ensuring that lovely property for retirement. We have some good examples of Dominicans who have returned and began restaurants, hotels and apartment buildings…contact us and see how we can help…

  2. I think it’s important to note that investors are not all that’s needed from returning Dominicans. Personally, I am ready to return, but I am not an investor – simply because I am incapable of doing so. What I do possess, however, is extensive knowledge, experience and contacts in Global Trade, Logistics Management, Distribution, Regulatory Issues (FDA, USDA, FSIS, US Customs) in a first world country, the USA, specifically in the food industry (over 16 years experience). I think that is a critical resource considering that our economy is primarily agri-based. What I could bring to the table insofar as implementing strategy, assisting producers etc. in getting their product to market is invaluable. It’s all well and good you get investors, for we need them, but then what – how do you get the manufactured goods to market successfully? I think your organization should take a look at this. I am planning on returning to Dominica to live in the near future and I would certainly like to enter into that field when I return.

  3. Juliana St. John Palmer March 10, 2011 at 12:50 pm Reply

    I am in interested in purchasing some residential property

  4. We are happy that you are reading our blogs and sharing comments. Please remember that throughout the website are various pieces of information which can assist you greatly when you visit or if you are interested in doing business in Dominica. Also take a look at our site links and look out for information on when IDA will be doing an investment mission in your country.

  5. hi there im interested in looking into migrating back to the Caribbean, im originally from Trinidad and Tobago and has been living in Canada for the last 17 years. i have been looking seriously into all the Caribbean islands but Dominica has really peaked my interest. We are looking into purchasing a residential as well as some investment property

  6. I’m interested in migrating back home, hoping to invest in a concrete block plant and another entity. Need to speak to the relevant persons….


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