Investment in ICT is that the way to go?

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Investing in ICT

Pushing ICT Investment Opportunities at the Forefront

ICT’s from what we see around us seem to be the basic way of life. Looking a little closely if we are not careful we spend so much time consumed in the ICT World that it almost seems to be one of the basic needs for survival, like (food clothing and shelter).

Today if you don’t have a mobile phone, PC or laptop you are considered nonexistent. Looking a little further if you are not part of a social network you are not moving with the times. I often wonder what did we do before all these gadgets were around, how did we communicate?

Can you remember sitting and just wondering where he or she was when you rang their LAN line and no one responded? We waited and tried to call later.Today we have the option of dialling the mobile phone and the first question asked is where are you? Oh my! Wrong question, I have heard people answer their mobiles in and around Roseau and say “I am in Eggleston“!! Or anywhere on the island except where they stand or walk, hello!!

Nevertheless, Dominica for some reason has made strides in the world of technology; no longer do we wait for information to come to us. It is therefore no surprise that ICT is being pushed by Government as one of its priority sector. We can see that it is the platform for communication, to provide jobs through the establishment of call centers and the common denominator in the operation of any successful business. I believe ICT is the priority sector and without it all other sectors would be stagnant.

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  1. lovely,lets embrace ict


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