Investment Opportunites in Dominica

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IDA pursues potential investors at all available opportunities

An opportunity can be defined as, “A good chance for advancement or progress.” With this in mind, Dominica can be seen as the ideal place for investment opportunities. Although we may be a bit underdeveloped when compared to a few other Caribbean Islands, it is this fact that has made Dominica the ideal place for an investment opportunity in the Caribbean.
Apart from the hotels, restaurants, manufacturing businesses and call centers, Dominica is ripe for investments in a long list of other industries. Entertainment (nightlife, family etc), sports , health and wellness, recycling and canning, geothermal and renewable energy, ICT and Education are all areas which can looked at for investing in Dominica.
Take the opportunity and be part of Dominica’s advancement and progress by investing in the island. Find your niche and make it work as the possibilities here are endless.

2 Responses to Investment Opportunites in Dominica
  1. i am interested but do not know where to begin

  2. Investor Visa network April 30, 2011 at 10:24 am Reply

    Dominica is an attractive destination for investors.
    Would be nice to see specific investment opportunities shown here..

    Investor Visa Network


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