Our Airport and its Impact on the Investor

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Melville Hall Airport Checkin

The American Eagle Checkin area at Melville Hall Airport

We recently improved our airport infrastructure in Dominica and work still continues on the runway. It is a welcoming change from a few years ago. I look at islands like Tortola or the entire British Virgin Islands, St. Baths and Anguilla which do not have an international airport but have continued capturing investments, offshore business and a growing tourism industry. What does that say for us where everyday people say that an international airport is the answer to our tourism product and foreign direct investment?

For some countries it may have been the answer, for many small islands in the Caribbean, an international airport has been the nightmare of the highest maintenance expense ever created and the infrastructure with the lowest returns economically. What Dominica needs right now is convenient and reliable island access for the investor. This will include night landing up to 8.00pm, additional small flights and sea access which can put us on par with many of the other big wigs. Our problems will be addressed once we bring in the ferries, private charters, and other small jets from the connecting hubs. At this point we will be ready to accommodate all levels and types of entrepreneurs in the investing world.

10 Responses to Our Airport and its Impact on the Investor
  1. Correction Bonaire DOES have an International Airport with a 9500 ft runway which can handle Boeing 747 jumbojets, Boeing 737, Boeing 777.

    Bonaire has Non Stop service to the US with Continental Airlines.


    • Invest Dominica Authority June 30, 2010 at 8:25 pm Reply

      Many thanks for your comment and providing information on the international airport in Bonnaire. Our BLOG has been adjusted to reflect that. Let’s see how night landing will assist with access and also the additional connecting flights we are now receiving from WINAIR.

  2. I guess in an economy facing high levels of unemployment and migration, where the gov’t is tax dependent we satisfy our selfish ends through comparisons with countries that are foreign departments of industrialized nations, when we are the largest of both the leeward and windward islands, within which each country has an international airport.

    • I believe the idea of the whole improvement is to be at a level to compete with the surrounding islands. At this time you have to travel atleast two days to arrive to Dominica. To be a competing edge with Dominica having more options for the investor and the traveler in ways to getting to the island in one day of travel. From the investor to be able to export/import or to offer a deal while staying in Dominica with the airlines. We have to be opened minded and see the big picture not compare ourselves to others, but offer better choices to boost our community and economy.

      • Certainly choices to access Dominica is key. All North American flights and many from UK do come in the same day unless the visitor chose otherwise. It is not normal when accessing Dominica that it would take at least two days. Many persons use the ferry service for easier access through Martinique and St. Lucia. Based on this unique tourism product that we have, we must look at all options to be competetive with the other islands.

      • It would seem that you did not read the article. Being open minded and seeing the big picture would’ve translated in the construction of an international airport and not an out dated upgrade before it’s completed renovation. As for competing, we would’ve to get on same level or high before we could compete with our neighbors, they’ve all surpassed us, just take a look at their GDP’s. Moreover i would really like to know what’s wrong with just constructing an international airport? would provide much needed employment and boost this already dead economy. I could go on forever….

  3. The main question that one must ask is …What kind of Da do we want to have in 5 – 10 yrs? Is it one where we continue with the status quo or seek to achieve some form of progress. One of the main factors which will attract investment into Da is the accessibility to Da , its resources and the nature of the market it wishes to operate in. Now barriers to any of these is a disadvantage and may be worse where other islands are positioned as substitutes. Investors want to know they can travel in comfort without fear of losing their baggages to Da in one day, any day they chose. THIS IS THE NORM FOR LOTS OF OTHER ISLANDS IN THE VICINITY. It is crucial that whilst the construction of an international airport is expensive to build and operate today, it will be more expensive in the future. Again it depend on the vision you have for Da in the next 10 yrs. Transportation strategy to and from Da certainly needs review and plan of action. Frequent plane/ferry from various “hub” island should invested in and made public. I will stop here…….

  4. Having traveled aorund the entire Caribbean, I know that it does not take an International Airport to bring in the visitors. What we need is a longer runway, a more improved modern airport terminal with more space and a restaurant and bar within. Melville needs to be modernized. Yes it is in the country, but it services the world.

  5. Now i understand the situation here, too many marginal think in key roles creating a marginal society. change the course of society.


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