Targeting local Investors in Dominica

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IDA Staff at Grandbay

Invest Dominica Authority staff Reaching Out to Local Investors in the Village of Grandbay

When one thinks of investment promotion our mind quickly goes to the Investment Agency attending trade shows overseas, meeting with investors overseas and preparing promotional materials to target Foreign Direct Investments.

However, this is not so for Invest Dominica Authority. We are undertaking an investment promotion campaign to effectively and selectively target our local existing and potential investors. We are seeking to encourage the existing investors to reinvest and even diversify their investment portfolio. We are seeking to encourage our potential investors to discuss their project ideas with the IDA, so that together we can translate these ideas into sustainable business enterprises.

Our strategy is simple; we are going out to meet with these existing and potential investors. We are taking our investment promotion campaign to the various communities and towns to meet with the potential and existing investors. We have already commenced with our first public awareness and investment promotion campaign in the community of Grand Bay and environs. The turnout at this gathering was a testimony that we indeed have individuals who are keen on investing. These individuals have lands, they have great ideas, they have some working capital and most importantly they have the zeal and determination to undertake an investment for themselves first and foremost and equally to contribute to the economic development of the island.

To marry these elements they now have Invest Dominica Authority, the Authority that is going to do the handholding, the guiding, the matching of investors with investors to create the powerful partnership required for the management of the business, advocating policy recommendations to Government towards the continued improvement in the enabling environment, and the undertaking of networking with the various public and private entities on behalf of the investors.

Our mandate is simple; we want to see an increase in local investors in the economy in all areas of the island. We want each community to have vibrant business enterprises that can improve the standard of living of the people.  Local investors are the first pillar of economic sustainability.

2 Responses to Targeting local Investors in Dominica
  1. Maureen Armantrading October 15, 2011 at 1:22 pm Reply

    I am pleased to see the government efforts to promote local investment. However I am very interested in the programme and would like collaborate with interested local SME. The plan is designed to help student that a not academically strong and create employment.
    I am a Dominican based in the UK where I study, MSc in Purchasing and Supply Chain Management. I am planning to meet with the Prime Minister or any Dominican government representative visiting the UK for the 2011 independent celebration in London.
    I would be very grateful if we could keep in contact.


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