What Can we Expect This Year?

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2012 Is Our Year

2012 Looks Promising Indeed!

It is always interesting to note the predictions that are made every year.  At IDA, after monitoring the first two months of 2012, we would like to share a few items that we predict will be surfacing over the next few months.  You can certainly look forward to the following:

  1. We anticipate numbers will remain just about the same as the previous year as it pertains to cruise and stay over visitors to Dominica.
  2. The enabling environment will be more comfortable for business as some amendments should be passed on some of the laws which affect investment and tourism.
  3. More local investments will be seen and also expansion of local businesses which will be as a direct result of the local public awareness campaign which is on-going.
  4. Increase in employment will also be experienced in various communities on the island.
  5. The service level at the IDA is expected to be of a much higher level in light of the recent report by the World Bank which ranks IDA 7 out of 77 ACP countries as the best investment agency.
  6. The Manufacturing Sector will be more streamlined as more focus will be placed on development of businesses with the work of the Dominica Manufacturers Association.
  7. Dominica will be maximising on the established bilateral relationships with some countries and will arrange for investment missions in these countries.
  8. Overall we anticipate a flow of energy and rustle of activity in the investment sector which will subsequently translate to economic development and increase in employment.

Follow us and let us know, if our outlook for 2012 comes to fruition.

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