Living Among Nature

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2015 is well on its way and as is customary, many would have made resolutions they hope to keep throughout the year. As Dominicans, I hope that one of the resolutions made was directly related to the preservation of what many in the world crave – nature at its best! Nature is what we can boast of in Dominica and its preservation can only be beneficial to us.

Boeri Lake trail

Dominica and Living with Nature: The quintessential of an Unspoiled Island.

Dominica is blessed with what many in other parts of the world crave– an abundance of vegetation, fresh air, water, etc. Many of us appreciate our blessings but there are too many who fail to understand that they are privileged to be living on an island -the like of Dominica. Many around the world are beginning to recognize the benefits of being in environments such as what Dominica offers. In May of 2011, a column in the stated that “people who live in up-market, green leafy suburbs tend to have healthier lives, as scientists have found that being closer to nature brings even greater advantages; advantages that would even help in longevity”. This is no secret to Dominica as we can boast of many centenarians over the years.

In addition, the column stated that “Those who live in places surrounded by greenery are also noticeably more generous, sociable, calm and trusting – no matter how impoverished the area might be”. Yes, like every other society we do have our misfits but those of you who read reviews written by visitors to our beautiful island will agree that the sentiments echoed are often in line with what was expressed in the aforementioned article.

Finally, the article advanced the idea that “Greener environments are a contributor to rejuvenation processes as they enhance recovery from surgery, enable and support higher levels of physical activity, improve immune system functioning, and help diabetics achieve healthier blood glucose levels, all of which are important for a healthier life.

Dominica, we will admit is the ideal fit for living a healthy life, so we urge you to visit, explore, invest and consider making this green environment home.

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