Sequel to Our Airport and the Investor – Night Landing Now!

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Melville Hall  Airport Road

The Facelift of Melville Hall Airport Road, Dominica

So it seems like someone was reading my BLOG and decided to hasten the work at the Melville Hall Airport. Quite a bit happened since I last commented on “Our Airport and Investors”. A few test flights were made and weeks after, an inaugural night landing flight was announced for September 20th 2010. I certainly will not go into the details of the excitement which was created during that time in the nature isle.

Some of us have learnt that important things do take time and others live by the slogan that “Good things come to those who wait”. While skepticism still lurks around the issue of which airlines would eventually be flying into the airport at 8.00pm, we are relieved to know that in December WINAIR commenced a night flight, which arrives in Dominica at about 7.15pm out of Antigua. This facilitates persons who need connections from North America and UK as well as persons coming from St. Marten.

How has the business community, professionals and agencies like DHTA, DDA, IDA and others which have been suffering as a result limited air access and air lift deciphered this news? I believe some persons have been relieved significantly. It was good to hear people who traveled in January express joy on getting home the same night.

Some more businesses are being facilitated and we will be able to have more persons connecting easier and avoiding overnight in Antigua this Carnival season. I totally agree that up to this point WINAIR alone is not enough. LIAT has made us feel better recently when the CEO announced that commercial flights at night will begin soon to Melville Hall. Like anything new, some of us will be a bit apprehensive about flying in at night, as it probably is flying for the first time in a Twin Otter plane into Canefield Airport. I think we should totally embrace this milestone and look forward to much better days in Dominica.

4 Responses to Sequel to Our Airport and the Investor – Night Landing Now!
  1. I understand your enthusiasm, but the fact is that WinAir no longer serves the Antigua-Melville Hall route – day or night.


  2. although i consider night landing to be a move in the right direction to facilitate air access into Dominica, i still think the planners had it all wrong at a time when our main caribbean airline LIAT seem to be restructuring that will affect service to the islands. Can we not think and look out of the box and invite external airlines who have the capacity, experience and know how to provide a much better service?

  3. The stakeholders in the tourism, investment and ports industries have never stopped working. This June Dominica welcomed BVI Airways which provides two flights on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday via Tortola and St. Marten. We wish them well and are pleased with the connections particularly via the St. Marten hub.

  4. liat a single operator and Bvi airways, what’s this an oligarchy, hence the extraordinarily high prices to travel within the caribbean. how likes going from airport to airport spending their entire day traveling moreover which investor would like to put their money in the hands or ungoverned, unlicensed so called professionals


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