Tackling Pollution on Nature Isle – Dominica

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Pollution in Industrial Cities

Pollution is all around us. Sometimes we can’t see it, but we can smell, hear and even taste it. With issues like holes in the Ozone Layer, greenhouse gases, carbon emissions and the recent oil spill issue in the Gulf of Mexico, many are becoming more sensitive towards the environment and how it affects everyone.

Dominica is a Nature Island Paradise. However, we also have our share of pollution problems. From noise pollution to solid waste, we experience pollution on a daily basis. Fortunately, many of our local groups, organization and even schools in the various communities do take pride in their surroundings and make the effort to keep their communities clean. But more can be done. Recently, the Dominica Police Force has begun to enforce the Noise Abatement Act which prohibits individuals from being “nuisances” with their noise levels.

Sometimes all it takes is some consideration. Whether it is by turning down the radio or television so that neighbors can enjoy some peace and quiet, by not dumping garbage in public areas or by not burning rubbish in areas where others live so that the smoke doesn’t affect anyone else. These simple acts of consideration can significantly improve the quality of life here in Dominica.

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