The Thrust Towards an Educated Workforce

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Dominica has a Skilled and Educated Workforce

Dominica has a Skilled and Educated Workforce

One of the key areas that investors normally take a keen eye on, long before they actually decide to invest, is the labor force of a country. The question they ask is “Who will work in my business after I have invested all this money”. This is an important question. At the same time, once the investor can get a satisfying answer, he now has the assurance to prove to the Government that he can guarantee employment for citizens which will translate into economic returns. Now, what have we been doing to develop our workforce in Dominica?

In 2005, the Government introduced Universal Secondary Education. This meant that every child in Dominica would be eligible and have access to a secondary education. The main post secondary establishment was restructured to form the Dominica State College which would provide associate degrees or some level of tertiary education. More post secondary institutions or pre university programs were being offered by various education facilities. Corporate offices began assisting their employees with graduate programs and online certificates and degrees. The government announced that one person from every family would be able to pursue further education and have at least a bachelors degree. Training was available for every thing and any thing. In every corner of town, someone was trying to be computer literate. Students pursued studies in Mexico, Venezuela, China, Texas, Mississippi and obviously Cuba. Not only were we getting qualified persons but a few bilinguals were coming in handy.

Today we are confident that we have trained and qualified persons to work in almost any sector. It has been challenging getting them into actual jobs. Many have settled for regional jobs and others tried their luck in North America. The ultimate point being made is that we have been working on building the workforce in Dominica. An educated workforce is one of the top reasons for investing in Dominica and enhances another major point that English is our first language. With these two points on our side, we are convinced that we have been doing the right thing in educating our workforce.

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  1. Its a great article regarding teaching and educating for the workforce.


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