Tourism & Our Adoption of International Standards

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Cruiseship in Roseau

Cruiseship Docked in Roseau

Dominica “The Nature Island of the Caribbean and the island with the friendliest people” a name we have carried for decades, but are we really ready to serve at an international level? Can this happen without the basic international airport needed to help push the ever growing tourism industry? Can we expect our people to think international when we don’t have the basic international facilities?

Logistics have been put in place to manage this industry but are we ready as a people to embrace this and prove to the world that we are the best in the service industry?

Gone are the days when we saw only one cruise ship docking at our shores for the year. Today one can see at least five ships weekly anchored in our waters, this is a major improvement.

Training has been organized for all service providers, but there is still much to be done to prevent the taxi drivers and tour guides fighting and cursing each other; and undercutting prices, just to say they got work for the day – all this happens in the presence of the visitors.

Hair Braiders although trained and certified need to look at their total package. This involves paying attention to their language, dressing and approach to the visitors. We do not want to turn off the visitor and then wonder why they returned home empty handed.

Well, well, we are on our way to being ready, but we ain’t there yet! We have much to do to reach international standards!

4 Responses to Tourism & Our Adoption of International Standards
  1. We must work harder to enforce standards at all levels and all sectors

  2. What programs do you have set in place now to train workers and service providers to help set and meet the international standards that could set Dominica apart from other places in the caribbean? While still keeping the motto of the nature island and the most friendliest people. What we forget as a people is we don’t have to follow the world’s standard, but create our own. Its good to improved but not lose your culture or your idenity.

    • The Dominica State College provides a comprehensive course in Tourism. Many persons are taking advantage of this. Additonally many other programs are available with established post secondary institutions and many businesses/companies have training included as part of employees work plan.

    • I agree with Michelle, I think it is important to create your own standard, and it is very important to show the world your culture and dentity. once you achive that, there will be great chances in different fields, not only tourism. see what Bhutan tourism standard and you will understand how they work.


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