Dominica is a Democratic Governed Country

Dominica, a republic within the British Commonwealth, attained independence on November 3rd, 1978. Dominica has since flourished as a democracy which is patterned after the British parliamentary system.

Roosevelt Skerrit

Dominican Prime Minister: The Honorable Roosevelt Skerrit

Democratic elections are held every five years in order to determine the people’s choice for government. Dominica functions with a President as Head of State, elected by the House of Assembly for a five-year term. The President appoints the Prime Minister, the elected member of the House of Assembly who commands the support of the majority of its elected members.

The President also appoints other ministers of government on the advice of the Prime Minister. Although executive authority is vested in the President, he heeds to the advice of the Cabinet and acts as a constitutional Head of State.

Dominica has had a smooth transition of leaders across political party lines since its independence.

The current operating structure of Government is listed below:

  • President: His Excellency Charles Angelo Savarin (Head of State)
  • Prime Minister: Honourable Roosevelt Skerrit (Head of Government)
  • Current Government: Dominica Labour Party
  • Leader of the Opposition: Honourable Lennox Linton
  • Other Political Parties: United Workers Party and Dominica Freedom Party