Ports of Entry

Entering & Leaving Dominica's Ports of Entry

Cruise Ships

Get informed on what to expect when you arrive at Dominica’s Ports of Entry. Our immigration offices are located throughout the country, allowing for flexibility in arranging one’s port-of-entry.


  • Douglas Charles Airport:
  • Located in the north east of the island.
  • 1 ½ hour taxi drive to Roseau (capital)
  • Length of runway is 5800 ft (1756m)
  • Width of Runway 148 ft (45m)
  • Night landing access (April 2010)
  • Canefield Airport:
  • Located on the west coast of the island
  • 15 minutes drive to Roseau
  • Length of runway 3100 ft long with displaced threshold of 600ft.


  • Roseau Cruise Ship Berth:
  • Length of Wharf  162 (49m)
  • Mooring dolphins extending: (1182)  358m
  • Width of Wharf (37 ft) (11m)
  • Minimum depth alongside (37 ft) (11m)
  • Cabrits Cruise Ship Berth:
  • Length of Wharf: 300 ft (91m)
  • Width of wharf: 46 ft (4.8 m)
  • Average Depth alongside: minimum 35 ft, max 49 ft (12m)
  • Roseau Ferry Terminal:
  • Length of Wharf 263 ft. (80m)
  • Width of Wharf: 43 ft. (13m)
  • Minimum Depth Alongside: 12 ft (3.66 m)
  • Woodbridge Bay Port:
  • Length of Wharf 800 ft. (243.86m)
  • Width of Wharf Average Depth Alongside 32 ft. (10m)


  • Public transport and private taxis are available throughout the island
  • Visitors can rent vehicles from many rental companies
  • Driving is on the left side of the road
  • Visitors visa can be obtained from Ministry of National Security, Immigration and Labour.