Frequently Asked Questions

If I am a beneficiary of fiscal incentives, what taxes are not waived?
  • Environmental Levy- 1-1.5%
  • Customs Service Levy- 3%
  • Excise Tax- 28% Port Charges
Do all businesses qualify for fiscal incentives from Government?
Businesses undertaking investment in Government's priority area may be considered for fiscal incentives, once all other requirements are met. The IDA will advise of the various requirements and the process to apply for fiscal incentives.
I would like to live in Dominica Permanently. What is the Process?
In order to live in Dominica permanently, persons can either apply through the Economic Citizenship Program or apply for residency after they have established some form of business on island.
My lawyer is undertaking my process to establish a business. Should I still visit IDA?
It is recommended that before meeting with a lawyer that the IDA is contacted to guide you in the various process of doing business.
My children will be with me in Dominica. Can they attend school?
Children travelling with persons to Dominica can attend school. Proof of status - work permit/resident/citizens must be submitted to the School.
Is it Possible to to get financing from local banks as a new national?
There are a number of banks which can provide financing for businesses. All requirements as indicated by the specific bank must be met.
Is there a rule as to the 10% national ownership to establish a business?
This rule does not exist. Additionally, there is no restriction on foreign business ownership in Dominica.
I have overstayed in Dominica. What is the process to extend my stay?
In order to have an extension of stay, visitors must apply through the Immigration Department, located on Bath Road, next to the Dominica Police Force Headquarters.
Where can I find a listing of doctors, lawyers, and other professionals?
The website of IDA provides a directory of many professionals. Additionally some information can be found on line through the local yellow pages.
I have lost my travel documents. What do I do?
When travel documents are lost, this should be reported immediately to the nearest Police Station. If the documents are not found, contact must be made with the Immigration Department where a temporary document can be issued for return travel. Visitors should also make the necessary arrangements with their nearest consulate office for further advise.
What is the dress attire accepted in Dominica?
The dress code in Dominica is very casual as the tropical climate is available throughout the year. Wearing of swimsuit on the streets is prohibited. Persons are required to dress professionally for business.
To undertake renovations to my house. Do I need planning permission?
Planning permission is required on new building and once major structural changes are going to be made on building which are purchased. It is advisable to seek the Planning Division input on these matters.
I need to travel to Dominica with my pet. What is the process?
In order to travel with pets a visitor must apply to the Livestock Unit in the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry for an Import Permit for Dogs and Cats. Pets travelling from the United States will be required to have Rabies test done before commencement of travel.
Are there any poisonous animals on island?
The island of Dominica has a variety of wild life but none poisonous.
When is it not necessary to have an alien landholding license?
An alien may hold less than one (1) acre of land for residential purposes or less than three (3) acres of land for commercial purposes without obtaining an alien landholding license. However, the alien landholding license fee of 10% of the value of the land is payable. In the case of the acquisition of land for commercial purposes, the Minister must publish in the Gazette areas in Dominica in which an alien may not acquire land without obtaining a license under the Act
Can I apply to get the fees waived?
Yes, fees may be waived for approved projects. The application for this process has to be filed to the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry.
What is the procedure to sell land purchased under the alien land holding license?
Land purchased under the alien land holding license is subject to specific terms. With regard to selling or sub-dividing, permission, in writing must first be obtained from the Government. Aliens are asked to adhere closely to the terms and conditions as stipulated.
Are there any areas where I can or cannot purchase land?
Prior to purchasing any land, you should seek clarification from the Ministry of Lands as to the type of activity which is possible within the area. Purchase of land within the National Park is restricted.
Can I purchase land even if I do not live in Dominica?
Yes persons living outside of Dominica can purchase land on the island, subject to the Alien Landholding License.
What is an Alien Landholding License?
Non CARICOM citizens or corporate entities who are seeking to acquire land may require a license prior to the execution of the transaction depending on the amount of land to be purchased. An alien may not hold more than one (1) acre of land for residential purposes or three (3) acres of land for commercial purposes without first obtaining a license.