Refurbished Melville Hall Airport

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Two years ago a major project began to refurbish our main airport. Today we boast of a completely new terminal with modern equipment and ambience. The Melville Hall Airport is a welcoming site to visitors and returning Dominicans.

4 Responses to Refurbished Melville Hall Airport
  1. I have enjoyed visiting Dominica. I have seen the improvements and feel that the end result will pay off. The refurbishing of Melville Hall is very nice. It will be nice to see the airport(s) staying open later to accommadate later evening flights. It may change the other airlines that fly to Dominica daily, to adjust or add to their schedules. Which too could benefit Dominica.

    • The refurbished airport is an attempt to get more visitors to the island during one day of travelling and have a more welcoming environment on arrival. We do not want visitors to lose another day vacation by having to overnight. It is our hope that more flights will be attracted from the various hubs and stayover visitors will increase.

      • More of a question(s) than a comment. How soon does the IDA see the refurbished airport being completed? Are there current communications with the various airlines of increasing there flight schedules into Dominica? I for one would love the one day of traveling. Will this bring jobs into the surrounding community?

        • Thanks for your questions. Our Government is working closely with all stakeholders to ensure better access to the island. Work continues at the airport and once all the technical requirements have been met we will see additional flights coming in during the later part of the day. More flights mean more visitors, and more services will be required which will translate to more jobs.


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