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Dominica, dubbed the new emerging investment destination is quickly becoming an attractive business location. The Government of Dominica has identified the Information and Communication Technology Sector (ICT) as an area to be pursued for further economic diversification.

Dominica has one of the most robust and resilient telecommunication infra-structure within the OECS with three (3) Cable Operators providing island-wide coverage with redundant fibre rings. As a result of its strategic location in the chain of islands, Dominica has direct connectivity to the rest of the region and the world through access to the Eastern Caribbean Fibre System (ECFS), the GCN Submarine Cable System and the Americas 2 Fibre system. Dominica has two major Mobile Operators, which have seen mobile penetration rate of 140% in 2012 and a peak of $150% in 2010.

With such a resilient fibre system, all primary and secondary schools have some form of fibre connectivity. Presently, the government is embarking on an island-wide initiative to provide broadband access to not only schools and educational institutions, but connectivity of all health centres and primary heath clinics to the central Hospital in the capital.

  • Three (3) Cable Operators provide Fibre network
  • Low attrition rate (5% – 10%)
  • Bandwidth High speed internet
  • Internet penetration 15% – 20%
  • Satellite/digital microwave/fibre voice and data
  • Neutral accent easily understood by North Americans and Europeans
  • 95% literacy rate
  • Wage rate US$3.00 – $4.00 /hr
  • Time  Zone: Eastern Caribbean Time (ECT) – GMT-4) One hour ahead of Eastern Standard Time; the same as Eastern Daylight Time
  • Multingual island: English, French, Spanish, Chinese
  • Captive Employment Market
  • Culture affinity with North America and Europe
  • Modern legislation such as Private and Personal Information Protection Bill 2006,Freedom of Information Bill 2006,Interception of Communication Bill (2006) Electronic Transaction Bill (2006), Electronic Evidence Bill (2006), Computer and Computer Related Crime Bill (2006)
  • Tut SmithIDA was instrumental in helping Clear Harbor establish operations in Dominica in 2005. From fast-tracking needed approvals to helping us make valuable connections in the private sector, IDA has always been a valuable resource to Clear Harbor and has played a significant role in our success. Tut Smith President, Clear Harbor LLC.
  • Lime Dominica LogoThe corporate tax laws are business friendly, and the economic policies, still provide an opportunity for our service to be demanded and procured by the masses. LIME Dominica remains fully committed to the people of Dominica because of the very balanced relationship, both corporate and social, we have been privileged to enjoy while doing business on this island... Public Relations Lime Dominica
  • Bennette Thomas...confidence and quality of service are always necessary to keep one’s continued interest. I can fully attest that Dominica has the network infra-structure and technical ability to sustain any major business customer who takes reliability, resilience and quality as priorities. As Director of Telecommunications, I can say so with confidence and objectivity... Bennette Thomas Director of Telecommunications
Companies involved in ICT can register as an International Business Company and enjoy twenty years tax holiday with duty free exemptions.  Alternatively, a company can register as a  local company and benefit from incentives under the Fiscal Incentives Act. The Government of Dominica offers a very generous fiscal incentive package for investment in this area.

  • Tax holiday up to 20 years
  • 100% profit repatriation
  • Import duty exemptions
  • Exemption of Value Added Tax (VAT) on capital items
  • Facilitated work permits for management

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