Manufacturing has Attracted a Wide Range of Investments

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Dominica is dubbed the Nature Island of the Caribbean because of its abundance of natural resources namely water, forests, fruits, herbs, flaura and fauna. As a result, there are a variety of products which can be manufactured from these key attributes. The opportunity to produce high end niche products is readily available in Dominica. Products branded from “The Nature Island” are a sure sell regionally and internationally.

Dominica has high levels of rainfall, rich fertile soil, minerals and natural springs which give the island a competitive advantage, over other islands, in agro processing, bulk and bottled water, and mining. The country produces soaps derived from coconut oil, has a thriving garment sector, and produces a variety of rums and rum punches, fruit juices, essential oils, ice cream products, carbonated and non carbonated beverages, furniture and wood products. Dominica is uniquely open to a range of specialized, high quality products and the time for investing is now.

  • Access to CARICOM market (6 million people)
  • Access to International markets through various trade agreements, multilateral and bilateral agreements e.g. Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA)
  • Tax credits on export geared manufacturing
  • Abundance of inputs for agro processing
  • An endowment of natural resources
  • Geothermal energy provides the opportunity for low production costs
  • Jean-Yves Bonnaire

    We have been working with the Invest Dominica Authority since inception of the project of re-development of the Solomon Pointe-Michel quarry. The IDA staff is always showing great interest in properly and professionally handles new investments and new projects proposed to the Country.

    As a French island citizen, I believe that the role of the Invest Dominica Authority will be pivotal in the proper implementation of the Economic Partnership Agreement signed between the EU and the Cariforum States. We are ready to open doors and we would like to see our company used in the future as a successful model to attract more sustainable foreign direct investments that would certainly boost the Country’s economy and provide much needed local jobs.

    Jean-Yves Bonnaire Managing Director, Carib Sand & Stone Ltd
Businesses involved in Manufacturing can enjoy a 15 year tax holiday benefit and other incentives under the Fiscal Incentives Act. The Government of Dominica offers a very generous fiscal incentive package for investment in this area.

  • Tax holiday up to 15 years.
  • 100% profit repatriation.
  • Import duty exemptions on capital goods.
  • Machinery & equipment, specialized vehicles, safety equipment, building materials.

Application Form for Manufacturing Concessions : Download PDF Form