Bulk & Bottle Water Export

Dominica the Land of 365 Rivers: An Almost Unlimited Water Resource

Lots of River

The Commonwealth of Dominica is widely regarded as the Nature Island among the Caribbean island States. As many as eighty rivers pour out along the east and west coastlines of Dominica to the Caribbean Sea, nine of which are regarded as major rivers. The many tributaries that comprise these rivers have given rise to the expression of Dominica as the “Land of 365 Rivers”.

There is an emerging market for the export of fresh bulk water from Dominica to water deficit countries in need of fresh water principally for potable use. The fastest growing segment of bottled water industry; spring water, vitamin flavoured water are synonymous with Dominica’s established brand name as Nature Island of the Caribbean. With the main resource readily available in high volumes from both spring and surface sources, the water industry is at the centre of economic expansion.

  • Easily accessible facilities available throughout the island for providing water to ships:
    • Cabrits – (North)
    • Woodbridge Bay – (South)
    • Bay Front – (South), and
    • Newtown – (South)
  • Exceptionally low water rates:
    • Domestic Consumption: 0 – 1000 gallons US$3.30 per thousand gallons, plus fixed charge of US$3.75
    • Commercial Consumption: 0 – 1000 US$4.42 per thousand gallons, plus fixed charge of US$7.49
  • With 60% forest cover, and rich volcanic soils, Dominica’s many streams contain valuable dissolved trace mineral, and are ideal sources for bottle water.
  • Building of the infrastructural requirements for bulk water export
  • Development of water bottling plants
  • Development of flavoured water and water based beverage plants
  • Expansion of existing plants to accommodate water bottling and labelling
  • Develop additional spring, ground water and surface waters bottling operations for export.
Businesses involved in the bulk or bottle water sector can enjoy a 15 year tax holiday. The Government of Dominica offers a very generous fiscal incentive package for investment in this area.

  • Tax holiday up to 15 years.
  • 100% profit repatriation.
  • Import duty exemptions on capital goods.
  • Machinery & equipment, specialized vehicles, safety equipment, building materials.

Application Form for Processing Concessions : Download PDF Form