Services Industry

Staff at Clear Harbour

The services sector is an important segment of the emerging national economy in Dominica. Dominica has made major investment to improve the island’s social and physical infrastructure to enable it to take full advantage of increasing opportunities in services.

Major investment in education including the advances made in universal secondary education, increasing access to tertiary education, which is now available free of charge to all students, and creating more opportunities for young people to access university education across a wide range of opportunities. There has also been much improvement in providing training and access to the new technologies as well as making internet and broadband and fibre connections available to a wider cross-section of the population.

  • Free tertiary education for all
  • Accessibility to fibre rings throughout the island
  • system with connectively
  • State of the art telecommunication
  • Fully accredited nursing program
  • Close proximity to the US market
  • Opportunity for specialized rehabilitation centres or nature-based recuperation facilities
  • Information Technology Enabled Services
  • Data Management Centers
  • Call Centers
  • Medical Schools
  • Medical Services
  • Nursing Schools
  • English Language Training
  • Establishment of English Language School
  • Establishment of specialized call centers
  • Opportunities to provide specialized medical services
  • Waiver of import duty on equipment and machinery and other capital items required for the business
  • Tax holiday of up to 15 years