Health and Wellness

Medical Tourism: The Island as a True Haven for Healing

Yoga in Dominica

Health and wellness tourism has been recognised as a key growth area in the service sector. Internationally health conscious consumers seek to enhance their wellbeing beyond cliché of the sun sand sea Caribbean experience. Dominica is in an ideal position to benefit from this growing industry, a volcanic isle already recognised as a mountainous mecca for pioneering wellness enthusiasts.

There is already a diversity of high quality wellness services available: holistic massage, yoga, chiropractic care, coaching, pilates, fitness, natural spas, day spas and outdoor spa facilities. There is a growing array of herbal based offerings used in soap, home spa products, oils, culinary dishes and nature tours rooted in Dominica’s naturally diverse and rich healing heritage.

  • Dominica is home to thirty-two (32) recorded centenarians (2013)
  • Average life expectancy for women is 78 and for men it is 75
  • The availability of natural, underground hot water sources make Dominica ready for future investment in spas.
  • The island boasts of an abundance of herbs used in medical research and other plants for the productions of healing oils and teas.
  • There are currently five privately owned sulphur spas
  • Dominica continues to market the destination as one with rejuvenating and healing capabilities, and the Government welcomes investment in this sector.
  • Terri Henry

    To me Dominica is the Health and Wellness Island with fresh air, clean water and intact ecosystems which provide nutritious foods, healing herbs, mineral rich hot springs and much more. Nature is healing and with the great abundance of nature in Dominica we have a rich resource for wellbeing.”...

    Terri Henry Onelove Livity – Healing People and Planet
  • Martha Cuffy

    I am proud to see how my collaboration with other wellness businesses has enabled my primary product 'Primal Spa' to be featured in the world’s top travel magazine, Travel and Leisure. As the founding President of the Dominica Spa, Health and Wellness Association it has become apparent that a wealth of opportunities exist in within this sector.”...

    Martha Cuffy Owner of Wellness Architects
The Government of Dominica offers a very generous fiscal incentive package for investment in this area. These include the waiver of import duty and payment of VAT on capital items on:

  • Furniture, furnishings and fittings
  • Equipment required for cosmetic and spa services
  • Tax holiday on profits generated from the investment

Application Form for Concessions : Download PDF Form