Carnival 2013 – Calendar of Events

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Carnival Opening Parade
Date Event
January 7 Media Launch, Fort Young Hotel
Every Friday Showdown Mas Camp Calypso Tent
Every Wednesday Stardom Calypso Tent
January 12 Calypso Quarter Finals, Newtown Savannah
January 19 Opening Parade, Carnival City, Pottersville Savannah
January 20 Princess Show, Harlem Plaza, Newtown
January 26 Calypso Semi Finals
January 29 Pan Celebration
January 30 Ole Mas and Sensay Festival, Mahaut
January 31 Junior Calypso Monarch, Krazy Koconuts
February 1 Mr. Dominica, Arawak House of Culture, Roseau
February 2 Competiton Fete Fanatik – Best of Bouyon, Carnival City, Pottersville Savannah
February 3 Teenage Pageant, Carnival City, Pottersville Savannah
February 4 Lagoon Street Jam, Independence Street, Roseau
February 6 Stardom King of the Tent, Sisserou Hotel, Castle Comfort
February 8 Showdown Mas Camp Champ of the Tent, Harlem Plaza, Newtown
February 8 National Queen Show, Carnival City, Pottersville Savannah
February 9 Calypso Finals, Carnival City, Pottersville Savannah
February 10 Mini Carnival Bod La Mer, Bayfront, Roseau
February 11 J’ouvert, Youth & Traditional Mas Parade, T-Shirt Bands, Roseau
February 12 Costume Parade, Last Lap, Roseau
February 13 Tiway Vaval, Dublanc, Kalinago Territory


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