CIPO Newsletter September 2015

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new-service-cipoFrom August 24th to September 1st, 2015, the firm dotGovSolutions, LLC was onsite conducting the assessment of the Business Registry system at CIPO and its exchange of information with external agencies (including security and data integrity review). Unfortunately, due to Tropical Storm Erika, the trip was cut short; however, the firm was able to meet with most stakeholders and gathered information for the assessment required.

Success was realized by the completion of Deliverable 1 which includes the following;

  • GAP Analysis Document
  • Demo of new system
  • Power Point Presentation (of current GAPs and recommendations)
  • Approved Project Plan

In addition, technical framework for the interoperability between the agencies was reviewed and approved by Inland Revenue Division and Dominica Social Security; hardware/network infrastructure have been reviewed and agreed upon. Data cleansing/migration discussions have begun with resource proposal submitted for execution. Correction of issues identified and enhancement of interoperability between agencies is in progress where 137 items have been successfully tested out of the 284 identified