Dominica in the Martinique Investment Conference

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Time to explore opportunities on both sides.

The Invest Dominica Authority (IDA), through its Investment Promotion Unit participated in the recently held Martinique Investment Conference. The conference was organized by the Regional Council of Martinique and the IDA was pleased to have accepted an invitation to participate and to make a presentation at the event.

Martinique is very focused on promoting investment opportunities and saw the conference as a great way to collaborate with sister islands like Dominica which already have established “Invest Dominica”. Over the years both islands have worked together on investment opportunities but more recently identified the conference as an important medium for the realization of enhanced business investments between Dominica and Martinique.

Invest Dominica Authority represented Dominica in the Martinique Investment Conference (Conference des Investissiers) held on November 25 – 26 2013 at the Madiana Congress Hall in Martinique.

During the conference, a presentation was made on investment opportunities in Dominica, brief meetings were held with French companies and information on Dominica’s strategy to attract investment as well as the Government’s policy towards investment was shared. The information gained from the conference can be used by Invest Martinique to enhance their investment promotion efforts. Both islands can look forward to continued integration in the future in trade and investment.

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