Earth Day Press Release

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Simon George

Simon George, guide and patroller, on tour.

April 21-22, 2012 was Earth Day’s 43rd year. In Rosalie, Dominica, W.I., NET, Nature Enhancement Team, and Rosalie Bay Resort collaborated to sponsor a successful beach clean up for the sea turtles that frequent adjacent shores. Forty youth ages 8 to 18 from Grand Fond, two Peace Corps Volunteers, sixteen community members from nearby Morne Jaune and Riviere Cyrique and several Resort employees spent the day busily cleaning driftwood, coconuts and litter from the nesting beach.

Major storms in the early part of the season had caused piles of debris to gather in the seagrass. Nesting begins each year around mid March and continues till October. Hatchlings generally emerge 60 to 70 days after egg laying. Rosalie’s first hatchlings are due around May 20th.

Everyone is encouraged to visit. Community Moonlight Tours are scheduled on Fridays throughout the season, May through September, beginning at 8 pm. Appointments for guided educational turtle tours may be made anytime by contacting: Simon George 767-277-1608; 767-613-6049 or email

Tours generally start at 8 pm and last about 1 ½ to 2 hours. Cost for Nationals $10EC/ Tourists $10US. Daytime tours are also available to view hatchery, nesting sites, turtle prints and to learn about turtles from a knowledgeable guide.

If you haven’t experienced the 1000 pound Leatherback Sea Turtle lay her 100+ eggs, you really must come visit! World Turtle Day is fast approaching, May 23!

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