IDA Meets with Potential Investors in Castle Bruce

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IDA Staff and Potential Castle Bruce Investors

IDA Staff at Meeting in Castle Bruce

As the drive towards local sensitization continues, Invest Dominica Authority (IDA) recently held it’s fourth town hall meeting in the the village of Castle Bruce.

The objectives of the town hall meetings are to inform the community of the support and assistance of IDA, to work with potential and existing investors in the community to identify new investment opportunities, and to assist in translating these opportunities into sustainable business enterprises.

Castle Bruce together with the neighbouring communities of Tranto, Good Hope, Depax, San Sauveur and Petite Soufriere is a growing community with an excellent location which connects to the Kalinago Territory to the west and the line of South East villages to the east. The Castle Bruce constituency is well known for its fishing industry, agriculture capacity, agro processing and tourism potential. Many of the villagers came out to meet with IDA to discuss various opportunities in the villages and how these can be developed. They assisted in providing guidance on a way forward and all recommendations were noted for further action.

In his address to the gathering, Honourable Johnson Drigo, Parliamentary Representative of Castle Bruce advised that “the community of Castle Bruce has many talents and now is the time to use the talents and resources of the people to do business.” Honourable Drigo expressed the firm support of his constituency office and that of the Government of Dominica to pursue business initiatives in Castle Bruce and that the residents should make good use of the services offered at IDA.

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