IDA Newsletter December 2017

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It has been an extremely difficult period during the immediate aftermath of the recent hurricane on Septem-ber 18, 2017. Our island had endured one of the worst natural disasters it has ever had to face, but we are confidently recovering. Despite the major damage to infrastructure, local businesses, foreign investments and personal property, a light of hope is already visible, as we transition from the recovery process to rebuilding our nation.

We are pleased that many of our business entities have begun reinvesting and re-employing a number of their employees, a testimony to their resilience and confidance in our economy. This is not a time to look back at the destruction or to be daunted by devastation, it is a time to press onwards and upwards, embracing the future. As a nation, we must steadily look ahead and show the world that we are learning and have learned from the impact of Hurricane Maria. Accordingly, we affirm our commitment to targeting investments that contribute towards a climate resilient economy.

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