Important Reminders Regarding VAT Exemptions & Payments

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VAT Reminders
Please take note of some important reminders regarding VAT Exemptions and Payments in the Commonwealth of Dominica:

  1. Every registered person known as a taxable person must charge VAT on every supply provided (section 9).
  2. Only a taxable person (section 52) and persons of section 54 are eligible for VAT refund.
  3. Persons in an exempt activity must not charge VAT on supply provided (schedule II.)
  4. Persons in an exempt activity are not eligible for VAT refund.
  5. Persons in an exempt activity must pay VAT on supplies provided by a taxable person.
  6. Zero-rated supply is charged at a rate of 0% by a taxable person and therefore is not an exempt supply (schedule I).

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