Invest Dominica targets investors in Guadeloupe and Martinique

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IDA Panel in Guadeloupe

Invest Dominica targets investors in Guadeloupe and Martinique

Invest Dominica Authority (IDA) expects to see the strengthening of cooperation and increased investment activities between Dominica and its French speaking neighbours of Guadeloupe and Martinique following a trip to these two islands from July 20-21 by a delegation from the IDA.

An IDA delegation visited the two countries for discussions with current and potential investors and persons with an interest in doing business in Dominica. The visit to the French Doms is part of an IDA strategy to conduct targeted investment promotions in areas and in sectors where the country has a comparative advantage. The IDA sees the French Doms as a major location to attract inward investment and for increasing cooperation with businesses and institutions.

According to the Executive Director of the IDA, Mrs Rhoda Letang who was the leader of the delegation, “the visit to these two neighbouring countries marks a significant step forward in our efforts at promoting investment in Dominica and for deepening cooperation and enhancing areas of development activities among those two countries.”

“This visit to our French speaking neighbours was very important for the IDA’s continuing effort to target investors and to work more directly with those who are interested in investing in our country’s development efforts. We want to use this approach of targeted investment so as to attract the type of investment that we would like to see in Dominica”, Letang explained.

The IDA Executive Director went on the report that: “the meetings on both islands were very productive and very well attended by new and established investors. As a result, I hope to see more interest coming from the French islands for investment opportunities in Dominica.”

Prior to the visits to the two islands, IDA has been holding discussions with potential investors in these islands with a view to deepening existing relations with investors and for attracting new investors in the key areas identified for investment and development activities in Dominica.

The IDA is expected to host in September, some of these investors who would like to follow up from our meetings and have a firsthand look of various opportunities of interest and existing operations.

Invest Dominica Authority is the government’s agency responsible for promoting and facilitating both local and foreign investment into Dominica. It provides all the relevant information required to establish a business in Dominica and acts as the liaison between investors and other key agencies in Dominica. Invest Dominica Authority or IDA, is your one stop shop for doing business in Dominica.

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