Phase 2, Business Entry Reform Project in Dominica- CIPO Newsletter

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Enhanced Online Registration - CIPO

In November of 2012, Companies and Intellectual Property Office (CIPO) transitioned from a manual system to the new E-Registry software; Online Company Registration Software.

The system which is now used to process all company and business name registrations is also being used by the Inland Revenue Division (IRD) and Dominica Social Security (DSS) to extract data on newly registered companies, produce tax identification/social security numbers and provide these newly created TINS/SSN to CIPO which now incorporates the tax number on the Certificates of Incorporation or Registration. This has effectively eliminated the need to visit IRD or DSS to obtain a TIN or SSN while boosting the authorities’ surveillance and compliance capacity.

Users of the software have indicated that operationally, the system is working; however, there is a need for additional technical support/intervention to fix glitches, address key technical and infrastructure issues and enhance the interoperability between and within the IRD & DSS as part of a single window solution.

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