Phase 2, Business Entry Reform Project Officially Launched – CIPO

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software-cipoOn July 03, 2015, the Phase II of the Business Entry Reform Program was officially launched at the Fort Young Hotel. Present were the Honorable Rayburn Blackmoore, Minister for Justice, Immigration and National Security, members from the public and private sector, media, ministries, heads of division, and project team.

The Launch commenced once the Minister for Justice, Immigration and National Security, Rayburn Blackmoore arrived. The programme began with the national anthem being sung by Steering Committee Deputy Chair Member, Ian Michael Anthony from Inland Revenue Division, followed by a prayer by the Permanent Secretary from the Ministry of Justice, Immigration and National Security. Welcoming and Opening remarks was done by Cecillia Carr from the Reform Management Unit, where Ms. Carr informed the audience on the importance and need for this project.

During the overview of Phase II presented by Registrar, Sandra Julien, the audience was provided with a background and the need for the enhancement/upgrade. They were also able to get a view of the system, the new website launched and the capabilities within the system.

A user perspective was executed by Bar Association, Noelize Knight-Didier where she informed the audience the impact this project has on the Bar Association, business overall and importance of the private sector.

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