Doing Business

Are you Thinking of Expanding your Existing Business in Dominica?

Maybe you’re thinking of expanding your existing business in Dominica or maybe you’d like to invest your start-up some where else. In that case it pays to research where you are going to be investing your potential future. We have provided the information to make your planning on doing business in Dominica stress free. Our information gives you a head start.

Work & Residency Permit

Non Nationals wishing to engage in work in Dominica must first obtain a work permit from the Labour Division... Read more


The most efficient way to clear imported goods is to appoint a Customs Broker... Read more


Prime Land for SaleTo safeguard against the many potential downside, buyers are advised to take on the services of reputable Relator... Read more


Skilled Work ForceDominica has a labour force of about 32,630 (2009) persons, with a literacy rate of 95%... Read more

Invest Incentives

Invest IncentivesInvest Dominica Authority will assist investors in applying for Fiscal Incentives... Read more


Companies and individuals residing in Dominica are subject to taxes on their... Read more

Economic Stats

Dominica economic statistics are important data that provide critical information... Read more