Applying for Fiscal Incentives

The Application Process is Non-Discriminatory

The application process is non-discriminatory. Any enterprise – small, large, domestic, or foreign – can apply for incentives. Download the appropriate Application Forms

  • The following are the steps for applying for fiscal incentives:
  • Application form along with relevant supporting documents are submitted to Invest Dominica Authority;
  • Application is reviewed by Invest Dominica Authority;
  • Recommendation on the eligibility and/or quantum of incentives to be granted is submitted to Cabinet for consideration;
  • Decision is submitted by Cabinet to the Invest Dominica Authority;
  • The Invest Dominica Authority informs the client of Cabinet’s decision.

Alien landholding licence fee exemption (fee is 10% of the value of the land);

  • Aliens wishing to purchase/hold land in Dominica must first apply for and obtain an Alien Land Holding Licence under the Alien Land Holding Regulation Act No. 17 of 1995.
  • The Aliens Land Holding Act allows non-nationals to acquire and hold up to one (1) acre of land for residential purposes, and up to three (3) acres of land for commercial/business purposes, without obtaining a license.
  • The Act also provides for exempting certain development projects or aliens from the provisions of the Act, such as housing, industry, tourism, agriculture, fisheries, and forestry, or where it is in the public interest to do so.

An application for a license to hold land in Dominica must include;

  1. particulars as to the ownership, location and consideration (price) proposed for the acquisition of the land;
  2. the purpose for which the land is to be utilized;
  3. a plan by a licensed surveyor delineating the land;
  4. a receipt for the payment of the relevant application fee (EC$150.00); and
  5. any other information required by the Minister (for Agriculture/Lands).