Importing into Dominica, then appoint a Customs Broker

The Customs and Excise Division of the Ministry of Finance is responsible for the control and management of the customs clearance of goods process. All goods imported into Dominica have to be cleared through Dominica customs.

The most efficient way to clear goods imported into Dominica is to appoint a Customs Broker, who will lend advice and handle all the necessary documentation.

Customs Duties and Harmonized Commodity Description

General Imports are subject to five different types of duties, taxes and surcharges. Duties, taxes and surcharges levied on imports are:

Import Duty:
  1. Customs Service Charge:
  2. Environmental Surcharge
  3. Excise Tax
  4. Value Added Tax

Asycuda World/Customs Broker:

The emergence of Asycuda World has helped the clearance of goods on the Port to be hassle free. The facilitation of a Customs Broker is advisable at all time, this allows for same day clearing of your items

Duties on Vehicles:

Except for a few categories of persons which include returning Dominican nationals and members of the agricultural sector, all individuals are required to pay the relevant import duties, Excise taxes and VAT for vehicles.