Dominica has a Skilled Labour Force

Skilled Workers

Surprisingly Highly Skilled

Dominica’s minimum wage was last raised in June 2008. It varies according to the category of worker, with the lowest minimum wage set at about US$1.33 an hour and the maximum set at around US$2.03 an hour. The standard workweek is 40 hours for five days of work. The law provides overtime pay for work in excess of the standard workweek

Dominica has a labour force of about 32,630 (2009) persons, with a literacy rate of 95%. The country’s technical and training needs are met largely by the local state college, which offer courses in skilled labour, including, plumbing, electrical engineering, air conditioning and refrigeration, masonry, carpentry, mechanical engineering, motor mechanics, typing and basic hotel skills. There is also a pool of professionals to draw from, in fields such as law, medicine, business information technology and accounting. Many of the professionals in Dominica trained in the Caribbean, the United States, Canada or the United Kingdom where, many of them gained work experience before returning to Dominica.

Investors will find workers anxious to learn and contribute towards the success of their venture.

  • Minimum Wage:

    LABOUR STANDARDS S.R.O. 10 Made by the Minister under Section 5(1) of the Labour Standards Act, Chapter 89:05

    Occupation or Category Rate (EC$) US$
    Agriculture and other unskilled workers 4.00 p/hr 1.48 p/hr
    Daily paid (factory and tourism) workers 4.50 p/hr 1.66 p/hr
    Juveniles/trainees 3.60 p/hr 1.33 p/hr
    Cashiers/Receptionist 5.50 p/hr 2.03 p/hr
    Sales persons/cashiers 5.50 p/hr 2.03 p/hr
    Shop Assistants 4.50 p/hr 1.66 p/hr
    Home Assistants (with meals) 125.00 p/wk 46.50 p/wk
    Home Assistants (without meals) 143.75 p/wk 53.00 p/wk
    Home Assistants (living in) 142.50 p/wk 52.50 p/wk
    Tourism/Hotels 8.16 p/hr 3.01 p/hr
    Call Centre 8.16 p/hr 3.01 p/hr
  • Normal working hours:

    Maximum 8 hours per day, or 40 hours a week

  • Overtime Pay:

    In general, overtime remuneration is one and a half times the hourly pay for time normally worked in excess of 8 hours on normal working days; two times hourly pay for time worked on Sundays and on public holidays.

Fringe benefits:

  • Employee: 5.5% of wage to maximum of EC$270.00 – (US$100.00) per month
  • Employer: 7% of the wage to maximum of EC$420.00 – (US$155.00) per month
  • No. of public holidays: 12
  • Vacation leave entitlement:
  • less than five (5) years service – at least two (2) weeks/year
  • five (5) or more years service – at least three (3) weeks/year