Permission for Construction

How you go About Getting Permission to Build in Dominica

Architectural Plans

A completed development application for planning permission in respect of new buildings and extensions should contain the following information:

  • Proof of Ownership Document:
    • A copy of a Certificate of Title
    • A copy of receipt of purchase of land/property
    • Note from a solicitor confirming that application is being made for a Certificate of Title to which the plan relates
    • Notarized note from the owner of the land confirming that the land to which the plans relates, has been given to the applicant for development
  • One copy of the Survey Plan of the land to which the plans relates
  • All Plans must be submitted in triplicate. All drawings with the exception of the Location Plan must be drawn to scale.
  • Applications must be accompanied by Location Plan, Site Plan, Floor Plan, Foundation Plan, Elevations, Roof Plans, Cross Sections, Beams and Framing Plan.
  • Environmental Impact Assessment may be required as deemed necessary by the Physical Planning Division.