Registering a Non Profit

Do you want your Organisation to be Recognized as a Legal Entity

non-profit registration

The Charitable Work Of Your Organization is Easily Realized

When registering a Non-profit organizations/business it must be remembered that; the company has no share capital, and it has members rather than shareholders. Incorporating gives the business/organization legal status. If an organization decides to incorporate or not depends upon its activities, nature, or type of organization.

  • A sample of the incorporation form must be collected from the Companies and Intellectual Property Office, edited and printed on deed paper.
  • Statutory declaration must be prepared by an Attorney.
  • Two companies of the document should be printed and submitted to the Ministry of Legal Affairs in order to obtain a Non Profit Licence.
  • A registration fee of EC$150.00 (US$57.00) must be paid at the Companies and Intellectual Property Office. A postage stamp of EC$5.00 (US$2.00) must be submitted with the completed form to be placed on the statutory declaration
  • Please note that all business names should be first checked with the Companies clerk to ensure availability
  • In order to keep the business name on the register, an annual fee of EC$50.00 (US$19.00) must be paid.