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VR Test

360 Degree VR Video Viewing Tips

  1. Expand your screen to "full-screen view" in the bottom right corner of the video player.
  2. Use your mouse/cursor to click and hold on the video image and move left, right, up, or down to change your view. There's a lot to see in 360 videos, so you may want to watch it twice.


Familiarization Tour of Dominica

Familiarize yourself with the “Nature Island of the Caribbean' and learn what makes Dominica an incredible place to live and do businesses.



Eco Tourism

With a breathtaking landscape and commitment to preservation and eco friendly practices, Dominica is the perfect match for eco tourism opportunities.



Knowledge Services

Dominica is a great fit for knowledge service businesses. Fast internet, renewable energy and an innovative business climate are just the beginning of what makes it a great location for investment.



Renewable Energy

Companies in the renewable energy sector will find Dominica an ideal location with geothermal, solar, hydro and wind energy sources abundant on the island.




Agribusiness on the “Nature Island of the Caribbean” is ripe for foreign direct investment. Dominica features 33% rich agricultural land, organic farming and aquaculture opportunities, plus the talent to support them.



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