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Dominica Has Invested in Infrastructure

On a mission to be the world’s first climate resilient nation by 2030, Dominica has invested heavily in infrastructure, completing projects like putting fiber underground to ensure continued internet connectivity. Dominica’s freshwater utility is in the process of being upgraded as well. The new system will protect against potential impacts from a natural disaster. The island is literally brimming with fresh water. 

Dominica has also invested in upgrades to the port to ensure convenient and fast processing times. In addition to the existing regional airports, planning is underway for a new airport in Dominica that will be able to handle large aircraft and direct flights from major markets around the world. With additional investments being made in health care, education, roads, geothermal energy, and a future international airport, Dominica has proven a commitment to growth. 

The investments being made by Dominica have positioned the nation as the ideal investment destination for investors looking to capitalize on future growth by investing today.

Sea Ports

There are two main sea ports that accommodate cargo and pleasure traffic. Work to expand the existing seaports to increase their capacity is in progress. Cruise ships can stop at Dominica in three different locations. Ferry service to nearby islands is available year-round. A ferry voyage is a fun way to island hop and this is how many visitors from Europe prefer to get to Dominica after flying into the neighboring French Islands.

Roseau Cruise Ship Berth:

  • Length of Wharf  162 (49m)
  • Mooring dolphins extending: (1182)  358m
  • Width of Wharf (37 ft) (11m)
  • Minimum depth alongside (37 ft) (11m)

Cabrits Cruise Ship Berth:

  • Length of Wharf: 300 ft (91m)
  • Width of wharf: 46 ft (4.8 m)
  • Average Depth alongside: minimum 35 ft, max 49 ft (12m)

Roseau Ferry Terminal:

  • Length of Wharf 263 ft. (80m)
  • Width of Wharf: 43 ft. (13m)
  • Minimum Depth Alongside: 12 ft (3.66 m)

Woodbridge Bay Port:

  • Length of Wharf 800 ft. (243.86m)
  • Width of Wharf Average Depth Alongside 32 ft. (10m)

Air Travel

Dominica has two regional airports and is in the planning stage of developing a larger airport that can accommodate larger airplanes and international travel. 

Douglas Charles Airport:

  • Located in the north east of the island.
  • 50 minute taxi drive to Roseau (capital)
  • Length of runway is 5800 ft (1756m)
  • Width of Runway 148 ft (45m)
  • Night landing access (April 2010)

Canefield Airport:

  • Located on the west coast of the island
  • 15 minutes drive to Roseau
  • Length of runway 3100 ft long with displaced threshold of 600ft


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