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Recycling: An Investment Opportunity

Recycling: An Investment Opportunity Main Photo

30 Aug 2018

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The words “Nature Island of the Caribbean” has been tagged onto Dominica for years and nature has revealed to us in recent times how far we have drifted from what is natural in our lifestyles. We are a developing nation and have adopted many of the practices that go alongside development. We consume as much imported food as local, drive more than we walk and furnish our homes with all the modern conveniences. However, development comes at a cost, and our environment is being affected by our lifestyle as a cursory glance of one’s environment will often reveal something competing with nature for attention, and we must own this problem and do what is necessary to correct it. Recycling is one of the ways that most countries have chosen to deal with their waste and if we want to preserve our environment, we need to adopt this practice.

The Dominica Solid Waste Management Cooperation has embarked on a drive to ensure that we manage our waste effectively, and we must cooperate to ensure that “the nature island of the Caribbean” remains pristine. We have been encouraged to send only what is necessary to the landfill, and this means that we should be continually thinking of the environment when we deal with our waste. Our Team at Invest Dominica Authority (IDA) wish to add our voice to that of the Solid Waste Management Cooperation by encouraging all to compost anything that is compostable, and to place plastic bottles and cans in separate clear bags for collection. Pay attention to the collection days and comply with what is requested. Plastic in our environment has been recognized as a major problem and the government has taken steps to ensure that Dominica remains clean and green by promising to work on legislation that will place a ban on certain plastic items from the 1st of January 2019.

Invest Dominica Authority would like to encourage entrepreneurs to explore the business of recycling. Can you identify something that can be made from what has been used? We are here to facilitate new business ideas and will be happy to facilitate a project that would help to keep Dominica clean and green.

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